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Our values:

• Putting Clients First – We strive to meet your needs and fiduciary responsibility

• Working With Integrity – We speak and act in an honest manner – because we believe in accountability

• Achieving Results – We value professional excellence and expertise to produce consistent competitive results

Guiding Principles:

• Independent - Independence is central to investment analysis and management, and the principles of shareholder activism. Independence comes from avoiding conflicts of interest, a thorough knowledge of one’s field and having courage in one’s convictions.

• Integrity - The values and professional attitude that allows one to deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with all stakeholders and the commitment to provide them with the best service we can.

• Innovative - Innovative thinking is key to the entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to foster original thought within our organization by providing an environment where views can be shared and ideas adopted to the best benefit of our clients.

• Teamwork - Trusting one another and working together is a better way of achieving our common goals and objectives. We foster an environment, where all employees feel valued so that they can contribute to their fullest potential.

• Citizenship - Being good citizens is core to Legae Investors. We are active in the process of decreasing disparity and building capacity of all Batswana through:

- Our involvement in community activities.
- Our procurement policies.
- Our employment policies

We believe in citizen empowerment and control of the nation's wealth- which comes from:  Quality Education, 'Know-how' and Skills transfer.
Responding to the calls from Government and the Public for Citizen Empowerment and Opportunity.