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We Provide Professional Management of Investment Portfolios

What Is An Investment Portfolio?
An investment portfolio is a set of securities (i.e., stocks, bonds, cash commodities, currencies, property) chosen by an investor. We have a wide range of investment portfolio’s that an inventor can choose to put their money in (“invest in”), and we can also create a customized investment portfolio specific to the investor’s unique needs, requirements and expectations.

Operational Ethics of Legae Investors
• Exposure: to a diversified portfolio at a relatively low cost

• Flexibility: You may invest and take your money out as often as you wish, no ‘lock-in’ or hidden fees

• Transparency: You have access to portfolio value at any time so you know what is happening

• Alignment of interests: We invest our own money in our products, so there is complete goal alignment

• Safety of assets: We can appoint an external Custodian (bank) to be the “guardian” of the assets

• Investors have 100% ownership of their capital at all times

• Our head office is in Gaborone – all decision-making occurs in Botswana- and we are here
for you!



Money Market

Types of Investments Held:

Short-term paper (Money Market; High quality notes (< 1 year maturity)


Pula (local) or Euro, Pound, Sterling, Dollar, Rand

Recommended For:

Short-term investment; Conservative Investors


Types of Investments Held:

Stocks listed on recognized exchanges (BSE, JSE, NYSE, FTSE)


Pula (domestic); Global can be different currencies but valued in Pula

Recommended For:

Investors seeking higher returns with higher risk


Types of Investments Held:

Stocks, bonds, and various currency (all local if domestic)

Recommended For:

Investors seeking long-term growth with less risk and volatility in value

Fixed Income

Types of Investments Held:

Bonds (debt) – including government, parastatal and corporate

Recommended For:

Investors seeking an income stream (coupon) and predictable cash flow

Specific Mandate

Types of Investments Held:

Specific to the Fund objective (I.e,social responsible investment only)

Recommended For:

Investors seeking to align their investment goals with their ethical or religious values.